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2012 - 2013

Named Scholarships

  • Friends of Nursing/Leila B. Kinney Scholarship

  • The Endowment is now part of Friends of Nursing. This scholarship is awarded to an individual who demonstrates clinical excellence.

  • Ruth Harboe Memorial Scholarship

  • Established in 1999, it is given to an individual who exemplifies Ruth's love for nursing and commitment to obtaining an undergraduate degree. Ruth had a passion for teaching, especially at the undergraduate level. Funded by Ed Harboe and Family.

  • Verda Richie Memorial Scholarship

  • Named for a nurse who was part of the nursing staff at St. Luke's Hospital for 23 years and ended her career as Director of Nursing. She was a nurse for almost 50 years trying to make lives better and helping nurses attain their goals. Funded as a living memorial by her family and friends.

  • Wayne T. "Dusty" Biddle Memorial Scholarship

  • Dusty and LaFawn Biddle have been staunch supporters of the mission of Friends of Nursing since its inception in 1981. Funded as a living memorial by his loving family.

  • Josephine Ballard/Presbyterian Scholarship

  • Josephine Ballard was Director of Nursing Service at Presbyterian Hospital and the Director of the Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing from 1927 until her death in January of 1942. During those years, Miss Ballard contributed generously to the needs and development of students and graduates of the school. This scholarship is intended to perpetuate her spirit of interest and assistance to nurses' education.

  • Fern Howard Scholarship

  • In memory of the Director of Nursing at Presbyterian Hospital, mentor and friend to many student nurses.

  • Greta Pollard Scholarship

  • Named for the founding president of our organization who collaborated with a colleague to establish Friends of Nursing as an avenue to attract new talent to the field of nursing. Funded in Greta's honor by the Friends of Nursing Endowment.

  • St. Luke's Alumnae Scholarship

  • Given to an individual who demontrates the continued pursuit of advanced nursing education. Funded in perpetuity by St. Luke's gift to the Friends of Nursing Enownment.

  • President's Scholarship

  • Presented to an individual who demonstrates the potential to be a leader in the nursing profession. Funded by the Friends of Nursing Endowment.

  • Theresa Brofman Memorial Scholarship

  • Honors the second president of Friends of Nursing who founded the Children's Hospice, Angels Befriending Children. Funded by the Courtenay C. and Lucy Patten Davis Foundation, it recognizes Theresa's contributions and unselfish service to nursing and health care.

  • Margaret Lewis Memorial Scholarship

  • A gift of the Courtenay C. and Lucy Patten Davis Foundation as a memorial to Margaret, whose professional life was devoted to public health. Through her efforts, the National Association of Home Health Care Agencies was formed in 1970.

  • Olga S. Miercort Scholarship

  • Olga Miercort overcame many obstacles becoming a nurse as a nontraditional student, going from LPN to Chair of the Department of Nursing and Health Care Management at Metropolitan State University. She was a President of FON and received a lifetime achievement award from the University of Colorado School of Nursing Alumni Association.


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